Alcoholism among women on the rise

Studies conducted by the Washington University School of Medicine on existing data gathered from similarly aged groups and compared across several decades shows that drinking and alcohol addiction among women is on the rise. The growth was especially noticeable among Hispanic and white women. The study involved examining cross-sectional surveys which asked identical questions but we're conducted a decade apart, so researchers we're able to compare 30 to 40 year-olds in 1991 with 30 to 40 year-olds in 2001. It was determined that the tendency of women to be dependent on alcohol remained, but for men, it disappeared.

Women who we're born after World War II exhibited higher alcohol dependence, and the trend has not stopped. The spike was very evident between 1934 and 1964, when it became socially acceptable for women to drink. Interestingly, alcohol dependence among men has been steady and has not shown significant increase.

Other findings

The researchers attribute this trend to women empowerment. As women began to work, go to college, have more money to spend, and break stereotypes, they also became free to drink alcohol a behavior that would have been culturally off-limits some decades back.

Intervention necessary?

Experts now suggest that prevention programs designed especially for women may help in lowering the levels of alcoholism, and may even keep women who are too young for alcohol to start drinking, thereby preventing alcohol problems that ensure later. Women should likewise be informed about higher health risks that they are exposed to when they become dependent on alcohol due to the fact that female metabolism of alcohol is different.

Posted in Dentistry Post Date 02/29/2016







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