Kid’s Dental Burlington

Kid’s Dental Burlington


Establishing good dental routines and scheduling frequent trips to the dentist all begins as an infant!

From education on pacifier use and thumbsucking to brushing and flossing methods your dental needs begin with a pediatric dentist. Pediatric dentists promote the dental well being and health of kids as well as serve as an educational source for parents and guardians. It is recommended that an infant visits a pediatric dental office within 6 months of their first tooth showing or by their first birthday. If you as a parent are seeking a pediatric dentist for your child but are hesitant, here are some facts about the Children’s Dental Healthcare office in Burlington which should put your mind at ease. Our office is designed specifically with infants and kids in mind, therefore the dental instruments and equipment we use are smaller in size to fit with kid’s dental needs. With strategically placed tvs playing movies in every room, the atmosphere created is fun and light and your child won’t even realize that they are at the dentist. With digital x-ray machines (which reduce the radiation to your child) and BPA (Bisphenol A) and mercury free filling materials your child is in safe hands.

Not only do pediatric dentists complete regular dental training they also fulfill additional requirements in order to specifically deal with kid’s dental needs. Pediatric dentists also study child psychology, enabling them to speak with kids in a child-friendly and non-threatening manner. By bringing your child to a pediatric dentist you are helping the dentist begin the process of tracking the growth and development of your kids teeth, enabling the dentist to anticipate dental issues. The pediatric dentist is therefore able to predict any problems that may occur and put into place preventive measures. It is our duty to take care of your kids dental needs and we strive to keep their teeth strong and healthy.

So if your infant or child has begun teething and you would like to see a pediatric dentist, then please come and visit us at the Children’s Dental Healthcare office situated in Burlington. All new patients and emergencies are welcome, with no referrals required. Our office strives to create brilliant smiles from cradle to college!

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Kid’s Dental Burlington