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Dentist for Children | Burlington

If you are looking for a dentist for your children in Burlington then our pediatric dentist at Children’s Dental Healthcare is the perfect place for you! Pediatric dentists are dedicated to the oral health and wellbeing of their patients through the various stages of childhood. They have many years of education and training and further studies in psychology and childrens dentistry. Their qualifications allow them to care for children’s teeth, gums and overall mouth from infancy to teenhood. Their experience and training also enables them to communicate effectively with their patients through the use of kid-friendly terminology. Having these qualifications not only puts the children at ease on their dental visits but it also gives the parents or guardians confidence that their children are being treated with the utmost care.

A dental visit should take place within six months of the appearance of a child’s first tooth or before the child’s first birthday. Pediatric dentists use smaller sized instruments and equipment to make it more comfortable for the children when they require a dental checkup. Children’s Dental Healthcare office in Burlington has designed our office with children in mind which is evident with tvs in every room playing movies for their patient’s benefit. The x-ray machines are digital which reduces your child’s exposure to radiation. We also strive to be a latex free environment, none of our fillings contain mercury, our plastic filling materials are free of BPA (Bisphenol A) and we work hard towards becoming environmentally friendly with the implementation of being a paperless office, using energy efficient light bulbs and using a waterless vacuum pump.

Pediatric dentists serve many purposes and some of these roles include:

-infant oral health exams

-preventive dental care including cleaning, fluoride treatments, as well as nutritional advice

-counselling on pacifier use and thumbsucking

-early assessment and treatment for straightening teeth

-repair of tooth cavities

-management of gum disease

 Children’s Dental Healthcare office in Burlington strives to make every visit a comfortable and happy experience for their patients and they truly believe in creating brilliant smiles from cradle to college.

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Dentist for children Burlington

Dentist for children Burlington