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Pediatric dentists provide professional oral health care to children from infancy through their teenage years. Children’s dentists complete four years of dental school with an additional two years in training, concentrating on infants, children and teens. Pediatric dentists also specifically study psychology, enabling children’s dentists to communicate with their patients in an effective, gentle and non-threatening manner. With this knowledge you as a parent can put your mind at ease and be confident that your child will receive the best care. Our Burlington office has been designed specially with children in mind and so our instruments and equipment are smaller in size, our x-rays are digital (which reduces the radiation to your child), our fillings do not contain mercury and we are a latex free office.

Pediatric dentists fulfill many roles and some of these include:

-Infant oral health exams

-Preventive dental care including cleanings, fluoride treatments, as well as nutritional advice

-Counselling on pacifier use and thumbsucking

-Early assessment and treatment for straightening teeth

-Repair of tooth cavities

-Management of gum disease

By continuously tracking the growth of their patients, pediatric dentists are able to anticipate and prepare for dental issues that may occur with your children’s teeth, making it easier for them to put in place preventive measures or to quickly intervene before any dental problems worsen.

So if you are looking for a pediatric dentist then visit Children’s Dental Healthcare office in Burlington today! Since our office has no dental associates, it allows you as a parent or guardian, along with your child to have the opportunity to build a trusting and lasting relationship with the dentist. New patients are welcome, with no referrals required! Your child will feel comfortable in our kid-friendly office with movies playing in every room and decorated with children in mind!

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  • November 3, 2014
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