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Are you or your child having problems with underbites, overbites or misaligned teeth? Then braces might be the solution for you. If you are skeptical about committing to the 2 years after the braces are administered, the following information might help you make a more informed decision. There are many types and styles of braces. Listed below are 6 of the most common types:

1. Traditional metal wired braces: These braces are the most common type and are made from stainless steel. They have a metal bracket with a elastic ties that hold the wire onto the metal brackets.

2. Self ligating braces: These do not require the help of rubber band ties as instead the wire goes through the bracket.

3. Clear braces: This type of brace was created for cosmetic purposes. They are still made from metal, but they blend in with the neutral colour of teeth making them less visible.

4. Gold plated stainless steel braces: Gold plated braces were created for patients that are allergic to nickel. This type of brace can also be chosen by patients for its look as many people prefer the gold plated brace over the traditional silver stainless steel.

5. Lingual braces: Are custom made fixed braces. They are blended to the back of the teeth making them completely invisible to other people. This type of brace may also be chosen for cosmetic reasons.

6. Titanium braces: These type of braces are similar to traditional stainless steel braces but are lighter and just as effective. People again that are allergic to nickel might choose titanium braces with the knowledge that they are more expensive than traditional braces.

So if your teens are looking to have braces but don’t wish to have their braces showing then lingual braces or clear braces might be the right fit for them. If your child enjoys bright colours than traditional braces will fulfill their needs with the different colour elastic bands and finally if your child is allergic to nickel, titanium braces will fit your child’s needs perfectly. If you wish to learn more about the procedures and steps involved in having braces administered for your child then please dont hesitate to either visit the Children’s Dental Healthcare office in Burlington or view Dr. Arjomand’s website at!