Diet and Workout Routines to Improve Our Life Quality

When we think about quality of life we can think about money, about having access to the best restaurants, to the best night clubs, to a big apartment. Quality of life is much more than that. Life is the center, it is the goal. Life without taking care of oneself is not really living. This is why you must concentrate on yourself, mentally and physically.

In our daily life there are lots of things that we can do to help us improve our quality of life. Everything you do must be done in a balanced way. The focus of this article is the relation between your Diet routines, your Workout routines and the goal: the quality of life. The following suggestions are only based in my experience and in a bit of scientific knowledge. Also some tips I got from chatting with Fehr Outfitters, a top notch Hunting Outfitters whom I often recommend.

In this improvement process, the self-esteem is essential to obtain results. Esteem is one of the Maslows building blocks in the pyramid. We should always be happy with ourselves, but for this to happen it's very important to have a fit body and a fit mind. A good diet and exercise are the engine for all this combination to function.

Exercising will balance your inner chemistry, helping you deal with stress situations, find the best solution for problems and improve your quality of life.

A Balanced Diet

It's not useful exercising while eating poor-quality food every day. This will not give you good energy; on the contrary, it will make you feel tired. When the body is not healthy on the inside, it will get exhausted. The body will not have good energy inside to compensate for the physical effort.

The bad food will not be considered as spare energy, but as garbage, with no real value. I say bad and good because we all know what are we eating... even if you don't want to believe it, because it tastes good. Once you have a nutritional and vitamin rich balanced diet, this energy will give you extra-power while exercising and even while recovering from any kind of effort.

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I will not place any ingredients here; I'm not an expert on this subject, so this you'll have to discover for yourself. You can start with this link.The important messages I want to pass are common-sense terms to help you change your way of life.

Way of Life

Lets be pragmatic, if you eat one burger a day, you have to change. If you eat one burger a week, this isn't much of a problem. I say burger just as representative of bad food. Ok, we can find good burgers with very good meat, but it's not easy. It is easier to find bad burgers with an excess of calories.

Now you probably expect the 'veggie' advice. No, I will not advise you to eat only vegetables, because the common sense advice is to eat in a balanced way. From my experience, as an example, eating salad on week days at lunch makes your body ready to receive other kinds of food in the next meal, like good quality meat and fish. I was told by a friend from langley village dental that this is the most suitable solution. They are not exactly in my line of work but their instruction is generally great.

Eating heavy food everyday will make your body full; your digestion will not be properly done. Your body will be busy taking care of the digestion process and forget about other important functions. Much like in life, time will not stretch; you must let your body work in a balanced way. For this to happen, exercising your body is essential.

Alternate Exercise

Common-sense tells us that we have to exercise, it is essential, much like food, it's vital. In our society, humans are not moving enough; they remain seated eight hours a day and go home by either bus or train. When you think about this, you must correlate with human origin, with our roots. It is common knowledge that before these modern times humans we're not fat; humans we're in pretty good shape. Why? Because they we're very active, they walked or ran every day in order to find better shelter or to find food.This is why now we have so many obese people; we are not ready for our way of life. How can we change this?

My advice is to exercise once every two days. This is the basis and you should start from here. Now, depending on your physical condition, you should adapt your exercise regime. The important thing to keep in mind is this alternate cycle. I will not tell you which kind of exercise you should do; you can consult dedicated sites or physicians to help you with this. This alternate policy will help your body recover from each exercise session. For a starter, this is essential. Do this and your body will thank you.

To Avoid Injuries, First Walk then Run

One of the most famous ways to compensate for the stress of modern life is jogging. Nowadays it is very important to balance your body, to release your toxic content, to sweat! My recommendation is to walk before running. This is important for your first days of jogging. In order for your muscles to adapt to future harsher exercises, the beginning of your activities must be soft. This will avoid problems in specific parts of your body like feet or knees, problems like Plantar Fasciitis, which can keep you stopped for several time.

These problems are related with the exaggerated effort in the first phase of your physical activities. So, walk in the first month, try to take 40 to 50 minutes of your day for this, like you take time going to the hairdresser or watching a football match. After the first month, you can try running for 15 to 45 minutes,gradually.

Abs Before Walking or Running

Before starting any kind of run or walk activity, do two series of 30 abs. This was an experience of mine which I've considered a success. The abs are very important to get the best from any kind of exercise. Why do I say this? Common-sense approach again...

The core of your body is the abs zone; it is the inner center of your body and reinforcing this zone before exercise will focus the strength of your energies in the core. This is important to distribute energy more efficiently along your legs and arms.

Choose two or three types of exercises for abs.

Eat and Drink Before Exercising

It is important to eat and drink something before exercising. I recommend eating energy bars or fruit (apple or banana). Liquids are also very important, a glass of water or a yogurt is enough. This will give you extra strength while exercising. The lack of liquids and energy will have a negative impact during the exercise, usually in the final part, when you need extra energy reserves to hold-on until the end.

Workout with Your Abs

Abs again, but now when exercising. When performing, always keep your abs in mind; always feel your abs while doing an exercise. Like I told you before, this will concentrate the energy in the core of your body. While doing an exercise, the abs will be the energy emitter, your energy source, and it's from there that all the power starts to flow. This will help you, also, with injury problems. The high injury proneness parts of your body, like knees and ankles, are candidates to have problems, if your energy is not well distributed along your body.

Stretching is Important

This is the most important part of the workout. When we are tired after workout, we want to rest and the impulse is to stop... I recommend another approach: rest while stretching! This is very important in order for the muscles to relax. If the muscles stop abruptly, we could have problems in the next workout session... or in the next morning...

Check out this link to help you with the stretching exercises.

Water, Water and... Water

Before, while and after workout it is essential to maintain your liquid levels. Hydration is essential to maintain your body balance. Take water with you or, if running, plan your run around public water spots. Don,t forget that our body is mostly water...

Music or Radio

Music or a good radio conversation could be ideal when working out. You can choose your workout songs from chill-out music which will relax your mind while your body is working. The other option is to choose music with a nice beat to improve performance while working out. Some people like music during workout, some people don't. I've heard many different opinions about this, so I recommend not listening to other people and just decide for yourself.

The Quality Goal

These kinds of guidelines are my contribution for a better quality of life in general. The most important part of this article is to alert people for the fact that quality of life is much more than having a good apartment or a good car. You can have those things, but what you really must take care of is yourself, your heart, your legs, your arms, your mind. Eating well and doing regular exercise is the basis for this. Take good care of yourself.

Thank You - You always help me to break it down to make the article the best it can be! - You come through every time. You are wonderful! Hey everyone, check these people out!

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