Reasons to Consider Dental Braces

Wearing orthodontic braces is an extremely effective way to get the smile you've always wanted. Today, orthodontic treatments can be completed in less time and with greater patient comfort than ever before. If you are considering braces for yourself or your teenage child, there's no reason to put off the decision any more. Ask your orthodontist and consider the following reasons why getting braces is an excellent choice:

  • Straighter Teeth: Everyone wants their teeth to look picture-perfect. Using a system of metal brackets, wires, rubber bands, and other orthodontic appliances, the teeth will gradually shift over the course of months, correcting any malocclusion's. After the braces come off, you'll have straight, attractive teeth that improve your overall appearance.
  • Improved Confidence: When you know your smile looks good, you'll feel more confident and you'll probably be happier as well. Though some teenagers may feel self-conscious about their braces at first, they will see many of their peers also wearing braces and will be overjoyed with the final results. With the regular use of retainers, the effect of braces can last a lifetime.
  • Better Alignment and Dental Health: If your jaw or teeth aren't aligned properly, orthodontic treatments can help your teeth line up. Improved alignment leads to less discomfort when chewing and reduced headaches. Also, crooked teeth are much more difficult to brush and floss properly. Poor oral hygiene can lead to gum disease, periodontitis, and even heart disease. But with braces, your straight teeth will be easy to clean and care for every day.
  • Preparation for the Future: Giving your teen braces means he or she will be able to fully concentrate on high school and college courses without fitting orthodontic treatments into his or her busy schedule. Also, when pursuing a career, your son or daughter will be able to confidentially step into the business world to wow clients and colleagues.

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