How You Can Lose Weight By Drinking Water

it's the elixir of life. Having an adequate amount of it in our bodies plumps up the cells, makes our skin moist & greatly contributes to homeostasis of our bodily processes. In addition, at birth our bodiesare 90% water, at maturity 70% and at old age our bodies are only 50% water. So, it's no wonder that drinking water contributes to our youth and vitalitywater is an anti-aging substance. Without adequate water, our skin would be dry, flakey, tend to sag & be wrinkled.Water is NECESSARY to maintain skin moisture and is thetransporter for delivering essential nutrients to the skin cells. If our skin cells react to hydration in such a fashion, so will our interior organ cells benefit from a good supply of fresh water. It is like the fountain of youth. And, even as it contributes to our youth, it may also be used for weight loss.

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Facts about using water to lose weight:

  • Our bodies know no difference between the feeling of "fullness" from water or food, so we can use it as trickery to create that full feeling
  • Adequate water relieves the liver of doing the work of the kidneys to remove toxins,so DRINKING WATERCONTRIBUTES TO FAT BURNING since it can do more of it's intended work
  • Water has no calories
  • Water helps to prevent constipation, which can increase your body weight
  • Adequate water can remove fluid accumulation around the ankles and other areas
  • Drinking water throughout the day, mainly before 6 pm, is usually best. This will prevent waking up in the night to urinate or puffiness around the eyes, etc in the morning
  • Keeping a written record of your water intake, as part of your weight loss diary, is an excellent tool to keep you focused

So, how much is recommended and considered healthy? Experts do not agree on this, they may advise anywhere between 1 2 liters a day or around 4 8 cups (32 64 oz).Depending on your weight and medicalcondition, this can varyfrom individual to individual. But, most people that are trying to lose weight will drink around 2liters or8cups a day and some will drink up to 10 cups or 2.36 liters. I would advise to begin to carry around yourown water bottle and measure how much you are drinking to have the best results. This will also prevent you from drinking too much whichcan be dangerous or drinking too little. If you have a problem "jumping in" and immediately drinkingtherecommended amount, it may be helpful to gradually increase your intake by a small amount each day until you are at the level you desire.

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