BMI Charts

Yeah I know the whole BMI chart is controversial. I'll admit I've recently wrote "I don't need a chart to tell me I'm healthy, my body tells me I am."

Am I any more healthy now than I was last week? Nope.

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Does the chart take muscle mass and body frame type into consideration? No.

Am I more healthy than a lot of people that weigh 164 pounds? Yep.

Could I be in better shape? Yes.

So, what's the point of that darn chart? Here's my opinion:

It is an easy tool to predict future health problems in a specific group of people. Most people don't have access to calipers and other tools to measure body mass, but anyone can plug in two numbers to get a range. If you are "X" tall and you weigh "Y" amount then you are: normal/overweight/obese. Co-morbidity's such as hypertension, diabetes and strokes (to name only a few) go along with the unhealthy weight ranges. For the population as a whole, it's a decent tool to predict future health problems, but when you start using it on a case by case basis it's a little less effective. Kind of "there's an exception to every rule" kind of thing.

Right now, I don't have a "goal weight". I have fitness and health related goals with the assumption that more weight loss will follow.

(By the way Dr. J, thanks for inspiring this post!)

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