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Everyone wants to know what the best, easiest, and most attractive thing you can wear everyday that is sure to get you noticed. The crazy part is,,, it can sometimes be overlooked as the best accessory anyone can have. What is the answer???

A smile,,, and preferably a healthy one. As sad as it is, many people feel like their teeth are not really that important and are not a big priority in their life. After being a hygienist after 18 years, I have seen and heard it all, but I'm here to tell you that your mouth is a direct reflection of your personality, style, and most important of all, your health!

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The bacteria in your mouth is not something to take lightly. It has been proven to have a direct link to heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Your blood constantly circulates that bacteria throughout your body with damaging effects. So please, if you want to look fantastic everyday, visit your dentist, get your teeth cleaned, and if your dentist is progressive enough to have the option of Laser Bacterial Reduction done with your cleaning, get it! Sanitizing your mouth by killing the bacteria with the laser before a cleaning will give you that much better of a chance of staying healthy. Everyone has to agree that feeling good definitely keeps you looking good, which will keep you smiling with that best accessory for many years to come!

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