What Sets Us Apart

Why Choose Children’s Dental Healthcare?

    • Children are not just small adults. It is therefore very important to have a dentist
      that has studied children’s dentistry for 2 extra years past dental school in order
      to handle the unique dental needs of children
    • We have specialized education in pediatric issues consisting of child psychology,
      growth and development and management of facial trauma
    • Being a pediatric office, every element of our office has been designed with your
      child in mind. From the smaller size of our instruments and equipment, to the
      positioning of the TV screens in our dental rooms, we have done everything
      possible to make your child’s experience in our office a pleasant one
    • No associates. We are not a large, multi-doctor office where you might see a
      different doctor each visit. Rest assured that you will always see Dr A at your
      visits and so you can build a long lasting relationship with him
    • Our x-rays are digital. This reduces the amount of radiation to your child
    • None of our dental filling materials contain mercury
    • Our plastic filling materials are BPA free
    • We strive to be a latex free office
    • We are doing our best to be an environmentally friendly office. Just some of our
      “Green” initiatives include a waterless vacuum pump, digital x-rays (which require
      no toxic x-ray solutions), energy efficient lights and digital charting which allows
      us to be a paperless office
    • Free Wifi
    • Plenty of free parking
    • Dr A has been trained in both Canada and the United States which gives him a
      broad perspective on children and assures knowledge in all aspects of the field
    • Many great food options just next door-including Starbucks, Pita Pit and
      Domino’s Pizza!