Our Approach

Children’s Dental Healthcare is committed to making your child’s experience at our dental office a positive one- no matter the age of your child. We pride ourselves in being very patient with your child during their appointments and in providing individualized care and education.

In the list below, you can get a good idea of our approach to oral health and a list of some of the current dental techniques and technologies that we use to put the health and well-being of your child first.

Thank you for entrusting us with the dental health of your child!

Fight Cavities Naturally:

At Children’s Dental Healthcare, we know there are many approaches to fighting tooth decay and like many parents, we are concerned about what gets absorbed into our young patients’ growing bodies. These days, there are several natural alternatives to choose from. We work with you to decide the best course of treatment and which products to use in the office and at home for your child’s oral health care program. We recommend natural products, whenever possible, to achieve and maintain a healthy mouth and body.

While fluoride is the most well-documented way to fight tooth decay, we also promote many natural, non-toxic, safe to swallow products that can be just as effective. Xylitol toothpaste, mouth wipes and chewing gums, along with calcium and phosphate re-mineralizing toothpastes are just a few of the clean, natural methods we currently use and we are always on the lookout for effective new products.

Reducing Radiation Exposure:

At our dentistry for children practice, we believe less is more. We have always taken dental radiograph exposure seriously and we believe there is no such thing as routine x-rays. The frequency of dental x-rays we recommend is determined on an individual basis after your child is examined. When x-rays are needed, we use the latest technological techniques such as digital radiographic equipment, and we cover your child with protective lead barriers and a thyroid collar to reduce exposure.

Reducing Reliance on Sedative Drugs

We allow extra time in our appointments so that we can focus on managing the behaviour of your child instead of relying exclusively on drugs to sedate them. Although if necessary, we are able to sedate your child with oral sedation and general anesthesia and although these techniques are mostly safe, there are very serious risks involved with sedating children. These risks have pushed us to seek simpler, safer behavior management techniques to treat your child.

Dental Material Safety:

Over the past few years, the dental standard of care has moved away from the use of mercury in dental filling materials. For that reason, none of our dental filling materials contain mercury and our plastic filling materials are BPA free. Does your child have a latex allergy? No problem, we strive to be a latex free office.

Our Philosophy

To treat all of our patients in the same manner we would treat our own.